Montreal classes

Continuum Winter-Spring 2023


Continuum and Self-Care: the healing from within

A 4-week series: Feb.6-March 2 : With this class series we will explore the gifts that come when we bring attention to our biological organism as a breathing and fluid expression of life. We are invited to to sense and feel, to listen and receive, to engage with breath, sound and silence, to explore movement, be in stillness and discover our innate fluid aliveness.  When we attend to ourselves in this way, we stimulate our body’s capacity for self-regulation and well-being. Continuum is a refreshing resource that informs our personal, physical and relational life, our creative activities and in general, how we perceive and engage with the world in which we live.


Continuum and Creative Play: the gesture from within

A 4-week series: March 6-March 30 : How does the felt-sense of your Continuum practice converse with the felt-sense of the colours, textures and drawings you mark on the page? Explore this portal of self-discovery and creative play; engage in the back and forth exchange between the breath/sound and movement practice of Continuum and the medium of visual art.


Continuum and Dynamic Play: the power from within

A 6-week series: April 17-May 29 (no class May 22) : Contact your untapped potential for fluid strength and vitality. Call upon the dynamic, creative, animal play within. Experience a scope of possibilities through Continuum sounds and movements that are both expansive and contained, strong and gentle, powerful and subtle… Our breath/sound and movement explorations will be supported by the rhythms and vibrations of world music.


Previous experience in Continuum required. If you are new to Continuum and would like to participate in any of these class series, see introductory workshop

  • Each 4-week series: $90
  • The 6-week series: $135
  • All 3 series (14 weeks) : $275
  • 2 Options:
  • Mondays, on Zoom, 6pm-8:15pm
  • Thursdays, in person, 9:30am-11:45am
  • * No classes April 3,6,10,13 and May 22

To reserve your place and information:

Sunday Monthly Classes

This monthly gathering is for people who would like to be in a group practice but are not available for the weekly classes. Each month we will explore a sequence based on the themes listed in the weekly-class series: (See descriptions above).

  • February 19, March 19, April 23, May 21
  • 9:30am-12:30pm (MTL time) // 3:30pm-6:30pm (CET)
  • 4 classes: $140, 3 classes: $105, single class: $40
  • On Zoom
  • Would you prefer to participate in-person?  If so, let me know. With enough people I can open a Sunday monthly series in Montreal.

To reserve your place and information:
*For more options see Montreal workshops

*Would you like to participate in a class, but this schedule does not coordinate well with yours? If so, please contact me to see what other option is possible. With enough people, I can open up another class that could work for you.