Montreal classes

Continuum Fall Session 2020

Weekly classes: Restorative & Nourishing Resources for Today and Everyday

Continuum is a simple yet profound practice – we breathe; we sound; we pay attention to our felt sense; and “ride the waves” of movements that emerge. Each class is an invitation to inquire into the nature of our being below the level of our everyday awareness. Habitual patterns of thought, movement, and perception dissolve, lessening their hold on our psyche, giving way to expansive breath, fluid tissues and deep connection to the vastness of existence.

Continuum can bring us to a place of self-regulation, deep rest and recuperation, so needed in this time of Covid. The nourishment that we receive awakens our well-being, kindles our creativity, fills us with curiosity, and with renewed energy to explore the unexplored, to be present in the wonder of the unknown. 

If you are new to Continuum, , see introductory workshop.

2 options: Mondays, 6:30pm-8:45pm or Thursdays, 9:30am-11:45am
Full session: Sept.21 – Dec.17 (12 weeks) : $230
Half session: Sept.21 – Oct.29 (6 weeks) : $132
Half session: Nov.9 – Dec.17 (6 weeks) : $132
*no class Nov.2 & 5

To reserve your place and information: [email protected]

Sunday Monthly Classes

This monthly gathering is for people who would like to be in a group practice but are not available for the weekly classes. Each month we will explore a sequence based on Restorative & Nourishing Resources for Today and Everyday (See description above).

4 classes: Sept.20, Oct.18, Nov.15, Dec.13
9:30am-12:30pm, 4 classes: $140, single class: $40

To reserve your place and information: [email protected]
*For more options see Montreal workshops

*Would you like to participate in a class, but this schedule does not coordinate well with yours? If so, please contact me to see what other option is possible. With enough people, I can open up another class that could work for you.