What is Continuum?

Continuum is an exploration into the fluid dance of life as it unfolds through our being and the world around us. Movement is the teacher. In Continuum we take the time to slow down and tune into our internal rhythms. We explore a variety of breaths, vocalized sounds and fluid movements.

We open our awareness to the sensations below our habitual level of attention – to life’s fluid matrix – and enter a world of potential where new perspectives inform and enrich our personal lives and professional practices, whether physical, psychological, artistic or spiritual. Continuum is beneficial for people of all ages and physical ability.

… … …

eyes closed



slowing down……..

attending to internal sensations

feeling movement

tiny movements, larger movements – that undulate and pulsate

movements that recall the origins of life

the slightest ripple in my foot sends

a wave through my pelvis

sensations emerge,

movements within movements

I stay with it….for a moment…for an eternity….

images unfold,

planetary life of an ancient time

in my fingers, my chest, my thigh, my belly

wherever I bring my attention

there is movement


like an undulating web

part of a vaster web

called life

emerging out of these waters I feel

quiet, nourished, revitalized

connected with others

with all

around me

this is a kind of dance

the movement of life

this is Continuum